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Kid vs Kat Season 2 Hindi Episodes Download HD

Kid vs Kat Season 2 Episodes in Hindi Download

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Series Info

Name: KiD vs KaT / Kid vs. Kat

Season No: 02

Episodes: 26

Release Year: 2010

Network: Disney

Language: Hindi

Quality:(360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)

Coop’s normal life is turned upside-down when his little sister, Millie, brings home a stray cat. Coop is convinced the animal is pure evil — or an alien from another planet, bent on taking over the world.

Download Kid vs Kat Season 2 Episodes in Hindi

Download Kid vs Kat Season 2 Episodes in Hindi

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Season 1

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Kid vs Kat Review

As a kid until now, Kid vs. Kat is the cartoon that annoys me most. The show is basically about a boy named Coop whose normal life is turned upside-down when his spoiled little sister Millie brings home a stray cat that turns out to be an evil alien planning to steal cat food and take over the world. Coop tries to foil Kat’s evil schemes and warn everyone about his true identity. Unfortunately, only his friends and his grandparents believe him while the rest are oblivious, even when Kat does something heinous a few feet away from them and they’re actually looking at his direction.

Besides the fact that Kid vs. Kat feels like a rip-off of other cartoons, the main problem with it really is its characterization. With the exception of Coop, his grandparents, and his few friends, the rest of the characters are incredibly annoying and poorly-written. Burt is a fun-loving but oblivious father who blames and punishes Coop for almost everything Kat does; Millie is a spoiled and rotten little sister who is mean to Coop and always defends Kat (even when she does find out his true identity); Lorne, Harley, and their mother are generic bullies who kill the mood and act like uncivilized, foolish jerks most of the time; Phoebe is a creepy stalker to Coop and a bully to any girl who gets near him.

Old Lady Munson is an abusive neighbor who blames and tortures Coop for everything Kat does and is somehow an immortal who is only nice to Millie; Kat is an incompetent and annoying villain who only manages to get away with his mistakes due to how oblivious and dumb most of the characters are and his girlfriend is a selfish, dramatic, and cringeworthy alien who constantly antagonizes Coop. Some episodes even attempt to make us support Kat, since Coop usually thinks he’s trying to take over the world, but because of all the evil things he did in previous episodes and the fact that he is capable of doing such things, it’s actually understandable why Coop would think that way; anybody would have done it. Plus, Kat’s main goal is to take over the world (as revealed in some episodes) so Coop is not wrong about his main purpose on Earth. The reason why Kat is shown stealing cat food a number of times is to keep his species alive while struggling to take over the world since the planet his race took over before is dying and they need supplies to avoid extinction (indirectly revealed in the season 2 finale).

Most of the characters in this cartoon are one-dimensional and only exist to treat Coop unfairly, making Kid vs. Kat a cartoon that’s effortlessly mean-spirited and irritating. I don’t like how most of this show’s humor involves pain, misunderstandings, and Coop getting blamed for all the bad things Kat does. Most of the voice acting is merely passable at best and the animation is visually dull and low-budget. Kid vs. Kat is not even dumb fun like some cartoons. It’s literally cruelty in the form of a cartoon. It finds entertainment through being painfully mean-spirited, which to me is even worse than cartoons that rely of foolishness for fun. Plus, the season 2 finale is one of the worst I have ever seen as it forces Coop’s life to be even more unfair than before.

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